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…to The Tent Review, a site aimed at providing well, tent reviews!  We hope you will find all the information you need – reviews, quick facts, floor plans, comparison tables and full feature lists – to assist you in buying a tent.  Whether it is your first tent or you are a seasoned camper, we hope you will find all the tent reviews and comparisons you need right here.

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If you are new to the camping world the choices of tents and accessories can be mind boggling!

Where do you begin when deciding on the right tent to buy?  There are so many different things to take into consideration.

The most obvious might be the size.  How many people will be using it – two people?  So you start to look for a 2-berth (or 2-person) tent – but what happens to your personal items – backpacks, cooking equipment – anything you might want to keep inside the tent?  For every person camping you can add another person worth of space, so that 2 person tent you thought you needed is now looking more like a 4 person tent!  Always bear that in mind, especially if you are the kind of person that travels with everything but the kitchen sink!

Then you have to consider other elements.  What kind of ground will you be pitching your tent on?  Flat prepared ground in a sheltered campsite, or perhaps the rocky terrain of a mountainside exposed to the wind?

What will the weather be like?  You don’t want to be cold of course, but what about the opposite – camping in an overheated tent is not a lot of fun either.

The weight of the tent will also be an important factor – if you are only driving to a campsite to pitch the tent then this will be far less important than if you are hiking in the hills with the tent on your back for example!

Maybe the easiest place to begin is with the cost – set yourself a budget and the choices become easier.

We hope that this site will help to answer some of your questions as you make your way into the new world of  camping.




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